The Adirondack Chapters

Merely four hours from the largest metropolis in North America lays a beautiful and young mountain range. The Adirondacks are a blend of Colorado and New England, offing unfamiliar mountain peaks to the North East. Having backpacked all over the country I neglected my very own backyard. With its mountains, valleys, and bucolic lifestyle, the Adirondacks quickly became one of my favorite regions in the States.

Climbing Mt. Marcy


What comes to mind when you picture New York? After exploring the Adirondacks, you'll be picturing mountains scraping the clouds, not buildings.

Hiking Algonquin Peak

Adirondacks High Peaks Wilderness

The tallest isn't always the best, Algonquin is proof that second place can also hold amazing views.

Hiking Wright Peak - The Windiest in the Adirondacks

High Peaks Wilderness, Adirondacks

Shadowed by Marcy and Algonquin, Wright Peak is often unjustly forgotten. From downed airplanes to amazing views of the giants, Wright Peak will blow you away.

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