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Being a full-time writer for Backcountry, I've had many opportunities to add storytelling to wonderful design. Take a look below for some of my favorites.


Since BC is one of the largest online, outdoor-specific retailers, we always aim to take advantage of various sale windows throughout the year. Black Friday, Cyber Monday (Month), Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Labor Day, and our own Semi-Annual Sales are just a few of the larger annual promotional campaigns.

In a bold display, we "blacked out" our main site to let the message ring during our highly profitable Cyber Sale.
A personal favorite sale moment of mine.


During the winter of 2020, Backcountry launched its first print catalog in years. Being the lead writer on the project, I had to navigate the waters of uncharted brand territory and work closely with the creative director and director of marketing to nail the voice. The catalog landed in over a million mailboxes in January 2021.

Read the full catalog here.


Emails are a leading driver of sales in the organization. Since starting at Backcountry, I've brainstormed, written, and help design (ideas) for hundreds of emails. Some are strictly sale, some are storytelling, and others are a mix of the two.

Email Evolution:

A year into my role as a copywriter, I was brought into a special project to revamp the face of our emails. Injecting color, new designs, and personality into our new sends, a designer and I gave emails a complete overhaul.

We took a strict, creative-limiting, template, and transformed it into an adaptable, creative, and bright library of modular components that fit any brief. With the launch of our new emails, our $50 million email program saw a 53% increase in click-through rate and a 45% increase in dollars per click.

Here's one of those fancy new emails

Four out of the forty emails sent during our Cyber Sale. These were built prior to the email template overhaul.
A sneak peak of my "revamped" emails.
I began to add personality to each email. In a modern approach to sales, I focused on experience over flashing numbers.

Landing Pages

Occasionally, a sale would drive to a special landing page aimed to amplify the customer's shopping experience. Our largest landing page moments live as "guides". Each year we release our anticipated Holiday Gift Guide and Summer Gear Guide, each has emails, social, and supporting site assets.

Check out the entire Summer Gear Guide experience here!


On occasion, I also write posts for our social team. Sometimes socail posts come in the form of longer stories Backcountry calls "Explore Articles". These are usually assigned to a single writer, here are some of mine:

An example of a one-off social post.

I've Got a Bunch of Other Stuff

These are just a few of my favorite projects I've had the pleasure of working on while at Backcountry. If you're looking for more, just ask!

If you're interested in my work, I'd love to chat. Send an email anytime to if you're looking to connect. Let's create something together.

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